All About Us

Hi, and welcome to Loch Aber and North Argyll family history group!  

We are passionate about genealogy, and we want you to be too. So, suppose you are considering trying to find out where you came from, either a short history about your great grandparents or to dig as far back as you possibly can. In that case, we are here for you.  

How We Can Help

We might not have all the answers, but we can certainly guide you on your journey of discovery. If you need ideas on where to look next, we can help you know which way to turn. Not every piece of research is going to be straightforward. Even if you have older family members who can answer questions about the past, their memories might not always be clear; they may name a wrong town of birth, for example, or are a bit hazy on the date of a wedding. It is understandable as this sort of detail is standard information that just simply gets forgotten over time.  

Don’t Be Disheartened

Sometimes it takes a lot of leg work to find your next piece of the puzzle, which can be disheartening. However, do not despair; if you hit a wall, contact us. We have been where you are, so we understand. In trying to build a community of people through our web pages, we hope to create an online support group of like-minded people who are all looking for answers to the past.